JASCO group of companies is focused on merchandising physical commodities. We are uniquely positioned leveraging our global network of affiliates, partners, associates and advisories to provide value through merchandising services, strategic assets and investments. We trade Energy products, Agri & Grain, Feed ingredients, Textiles & General Merchandize across AMERICAS and globally. JASCO has grown into one of the nation’s premier, independently owned physical trading companies as a result of our experience, relationships and service. Jasco is an industry leader with extensive experience developing, acquiring and scaling a diverse product/services portfolio that deliver customer loyalty while enabling internal growth and profits. We take price in Creating, building and managing multi-million $$$ businesses across global theaters. Specialties: Metal & Petroleum Products, Agri & Grain, Oil & Energy,  Trade & Business development, Import/Export,   Industrial products and services, Technical Leadership, Solution design, deployment and consulting